Aug. 28th, 2016 09:05 pm
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The Kylux MySpace AU belongs to the one and only Horatiosroom. I did not build the awesome sandbox, I only play around in it and other random modern scenarios. If this kind of thing isn't your cup of tea, that's cool. Just say so.


Character Name:Kylo Ren
Series: Star Wars (Modern/Myspace AU version)
Sexual Preference: Huxsexual. errr... bi?curious


✔ Hurt/Comfort
✔ Awkward Romance/Fluff
✔ Awkward teenage angst
✔ Bathing and Massage
✔ Sickness/Injury/Surgery
✔ Drug/Alcohol Use
✔ Guro

✴ Romance
✴ Penetration
✴ Master/Slave
✴ Humiliation
✴ Exhibitionism
✴ Cross Dressing

✘ Non-con
✘ Dub-con
✘ Graphic Sex
✘ Scat
✘ Watersports
✘ Bestiality
✘ Ass Play

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  • My uncles bleeding, my father has a black eye and my mom’s sunbathing in a metal bikini. How was your family cookout?
  • Walked into a liquor store bleeding. That kind of night.
  • Hypothetical question. Say I was bleeding profusely, close to your house, and needed a place to go to clean up and someone to perform minor surgery on me. Like now.
  • The good news is the bleeding stopped. I think I'm going to sober up before I tell you the bad news though.
  • I miss you. Just wanted to say that before the spice kicked in so it's legit.
  • I'll be accepting Life Day presents in the forms of drinks, spice, and orgasms. So any or all of those will be fine.
  • I woke up this morning with a hospital armband on containing all the information off my fake i.d. WTF did we do last night!?!?
  • You tried to call the hospital and left a voicemail asking if I could be put on the liver transplant list as a precaution…
  • any interest in drunk sledding later? if not, any interest in driving me to the hospital later?
  • Im in the medbay with monitors on and a giant green top hat. i blew a 24somethin. Im fucked.
  • Hey, did you take me to hospital last night?
  • I dont know but I had two different hospital bands and half a pie when i woke up.
  • There's going to be a pool, lightsabers and alcohol. What could go wrong?!
  • That's actually a fantastic idea... The kinky sex dungeon will be vastly improved by the addition of a lightsaber
  • *jedi wave* this is the penis you were looking for
  • my spice dealer is running a Black Friday special
  • You should have seen her, she looked like a skinny Jabba The Hutt
  • Uncle Luke had to stop us from skinny dipping in the reflection pool of the Jedi temple.
  • Just found a metal bikini in mom’s closet. I wonder if she’ll let me borrow it.
  • She saw my arrest video on youtube. Said I looked thin. Have I lost weight?
  • There is no such thing as "I party too much" skinny. I do not like a recovering drug addict!!
  • The only thing the cop asked me is..... "how are you still alive"?
  • I got so high last night I started crying because i couldn't stop thinking about how scary space is
  • the best part is my dad got arrested for the same thing at the same bar 30 years ago... so he cant be mad
  • In case you were unaware playing with rabbits on ecstasy is the greatest thing ever. I feel like I'm ODing on adorable right now.


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It's Kylo Ren. Geez...

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