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This journal exists because AUs are awesome. Want to play with Kylo? He's available in a variety of universes. Or make up a new one! It may be added to the list:

Party!Kylo Semi-Canon AU:
The whiny wannabe teenage Sith Lord stays on the Death Star with Grandpa, and probably annoys him to no end. He stays out late, gets wasted under the guise of 'training with Supreme Leader Snoke' and gets himself into all kinds of shenanigans.

Party!Kylo Modern AU:
Being wasted is better than facing reality. Han and Leia pass on shortly after Ben turns 18, leaving their already troubled son with more than enough money to fuel his downward spiral. Relief is found at the bottom of a bottle. Ecstasy is another pill. (At least, that's what the dealer swore it was. Who the hell really knows?) He parties night after night, desperately chasing the next high even if it lands him in jail, in the hospital, or worse. Maybe he'll make it to 25. Maybe he'll burn himself out in the process.

Art School/College AU:
Ben Solo, son of a well-known senator, goes by the name Kylo Ren in order to make a name for himself on his own terms. While struggles with abusive relationships left him scarred, physically and emotionally, he is surprisingly well-adjusted and finds solace in his sketchbook. He's studying art in college, optimistically looking for love and healing.

MySpace AU:
With all due respect to the awesome mind of Horatiosroom - Kylo finds himself the favorite subject of classmate, Hux. Their relationship blossoms into lustful softcore guro and medical fetish play. Is Kylo in over his head? Probably. But he finds himself strangely attracted to it all.

Twins AU:
Ben and Breha Solo are the awkward, goth/scene offspring of Han and Leia. They don't fit in. They break curfew, like their music loud, party too much and somehow keep getting away with it all, even while they make their parents cringe. But deep down, they're pretty good kids who will turn out all right.


Character Name:Kylo Ren
Series: Star Wars (or something like it)
Sexual Preference:errr... bi?curious


✔ Hurt/Comfort
✔ Awkward Romance/Fluff
✔ Awkward teenage angst
✔ Bathing and Massage
✔ Sickness/Injury/Surgery
✔ Drug/Alcohol Use
✔ Guro

✴ Romance
✴ Penetration
✴ Master/Slave
✴ Humiliation
✴ Exhibitionism
✴ Cross Dressing

✘ Non-con
✘ Dub-con
✘ Graphic Sex
✘ Scat
✘ Watersports
✘ Bestiality
✘ Ass Play

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  • My uncles bleeding, my father has a black eye and my mom’s sunbathing in a metal bikini. How was your family cookout?
  • Walked into a liquor store bleeding. That kind of night.
  • Hypothetical question. Say I was bleeding profusely, close to your house, and needed a place to go to clean up and someone to perform minor surgery on me. Like now.
  • The good news is the bleeding stopped. I think I'm going to sober up before I tell you the bad news though.
  • I miss you. Just wanted to say that before the spice kicked in so it's legit.
  • I'll be accepting Life Day presents in the forms of drinks, spice, and orgasms. So any or all of those will be fine.
  • I woke up this morning with a hospital armband on containing all the information off my fake i.d. WTF did we do last night!?!?
  • You tried to call the hospital and left a voicemail asking if I could be put on the liver transplant list as a precaution…
  • any interest in drunk sledding later? if not, any interest in driving me to the hospital later?
  • Im in the medbay with monitors on and a giant green top hat. i blew a 24somethin. Im fucked.
  • Hey, did you take me to hospital last night?
  • I dont know but I had two different hospital bands and half a pie when i woke up.
  • There's going to be a pool, lightsabers and alcohol. What could go wrong?!
  • That's actually a fantastic idea... The kinky sex dungeon will be vastly improved by the addition of a lightsaber
  • *jedi wave* this is the penis you were looking for
  • my spice dealer is running a Black Friday special
  • You should have seen her, she looked like a skinny Jabba The Hutt
  • Uncle Luke had to stop us from skinny dipping in the reflection pool of the Jedi temple.
  • Just found a metal bikini in mom’s closet. I wonder if she’ll let me borrow it.
  • She saw my arrest video on youtube. Said I looked thin. Have I lost weight?
  • There is no such thing as "I party too much" skinny. I do not like a recovering drug addict!!
  • The only thing the cop asked me is..... "how are you still alive"?
  • I got so high last night I started crying because i couldn't stop thinking about how scary space is
  • the best part is my dad got arrested for the same thing at the same bar 30 years ago... so he cant be mad
  • In case you were unaware playing with rabbits on ecstasy is the greatest thing ever. I feel like I'm ODing on adorable right now.
  • Sober me told wasted me to tell you I'm sorry.
  • You should have known when I said it would be fun we'd end up in the hospital
  • Ehhh, contemplating pain killers and fruit snacks if that's any indication.
  • It's 6am and I had to explain to the gas station attendant why I didn't have shoes on and I'm covered in maple syrup.
  • He said he'd like to get to know me inside out, and then pulled a knife on me.
  • You should have been there. We got drunk and I threw a lightsaber through his viewport.
  • Actually, I think I might be dying right now.
  • I'm so covered in bruises. God dammit drunk me.
  • I tried to tell her I love her but it came out something like "We're both fucked up and it works."
  • Don't freak out. I just crashed my TIE fighter. I'm fine; I'll be at the bar in 15
  • I woke up in the bathtub with money shoved down my pants. I must've done something right.
  • I woke up in the garden. Either take me inside or bring me a blanket.
  • The last thing I remember before blacking out was passing that sobriety test.
  • Looking back it was a good thing we were too wasted to pull out the lightsabers
  • I'm trying to be more responsible these days. / Damn, I can't even txt that with a straight face.
  • I feel like I lost a fight with an 800 lb bantha made of tequila
  • I just woke up in the parking lot. either help me inside or bring out some vodka
  • I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?
  • Cant get off the floor. Need more drugs. Send help.
  • Uh do you have my pants because I have yours. They're definitely not mine because they don't fit.
  • got my bloodwork back and my liver is in tip top shape. apparently blacking out 5 nights a week isn't cutting it, so we've got to step it up until i see that all of my hard work is actually paying off and doing some damage.
  • I did not just mistake a Death Star exhaust port for a glory hole...
  • All the doctor said was why
  • What happened last night? I'm too scared to get out of bed and see the destruction.
  • The cop busted in, made the music stop, and goes "GUYS LISTEN UP! DRINK, DO DRUGS, HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX, I DONT GIVE A FUCK, JUST QUIET DOWN!" Best. Cop. Ever.
  • Sometimes self-care is taking a shot of vodka and moving on.
  • these past three weeks have been a real "fuck you" to my liver
  • Apparently the cops had to handcuff me in order to get me to come with to the hospital with them. They asked me if I had had any experience with handcuffs before and I replied, "Only in bed."
  • No need to call an exterminator, the ants overdosed on the leftover lines on the counter.


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